Tuesday, February 28, 2006

favorite songs of the day

Vinyl N Vinyl- The Ludlow Kids
Converse Day Dream- The Shovels
Last Nights Party was Just "Alright"- The Cobrasnakes
Three Gallavanters- Prison Break on Mission St

Like this jeffers

Move over James Frey Scandel....that WAS dana passed out in the picture leaked onto the net. I knew it all along.

Back to work
-Sebastian Getoit

ps- Meredith- were you a competitive ice skater??? something about that pose tells me yes...

Blowing TPM out of the water...

so i would like to second X-tian on a few of his well-made points. Aneesa is a fucking animal. She would have definitely been eating Beth's butt in the sand. Beth is a fucking loser who was definitely crying in her car ride home. i heard she hates vegetarian sandwiches. and about the sidekick 2 AND the one-year subscription...i've never been that jealous of any member of the challenges before. except for maybe mallory. i luf her a lot.

so, whatwasmyfavoritepartoftelevisionlastnight you ask? about 10:43, There and Back, the chore board. haha. awesome. my family had one of those when i was like 7.

myotherfavoritepartoftelevisionlastnight was the crying bitch in the limo after the bachelor denied her. "i love spending time with you. you're amazing, but..." peace out trick.

Beach Brawl....Beach Brawl...Beach Brawl...

Dont pay any attention to Dana over at TotesProbsMaybs.blogspot.com

She is mean sprited and selfish and a bit too competitive.....much like----ANEEESA!

Lets talk about the Gauntlet. Shall We? Not only do I cancel all plans on Monday nights post 9:45 (15 minutes to get warmed up to last weeks episode). Last night I faked sick at the knitting factory in order to get home in time for the Aneesa challenge without getting made fun of.

Poor Beth. So the girl cant pull herself up a ladder. She tried. She was red in the face. She had "her heart in it" as those gauntlet kids would say. But Aneesa had to come and go all psycho on our asses. Props to Beth for ditching out of Beach brawl with that crazy bitch. Before she knew she would have been face first in a sand castle with that crazy lesbo eating her ass. Geesh!

Why do these people take themselves so seriosuly when in the end they spent their day on a dangling teeter totter...And why do I end up gripping my sofa until the mission is over only to leave sweat marks and skid stains all over the place... All I know is props to Kina for winning the Sidekick 2 and a free subscription. Text paris and tell her i say hi, k?k.

And as for the 10:30 spot- Ashlee Parker Angel is the coolest thing to come along since T-Pain. And his wife- she is the new queen of the valley (sorry Beav.)

if i knew how to post pictures- i would.

Monday, February 27, 2006


The above is the acronym for my new life motto. Daily Blueberry Pancakes from Clinton Street Bakery. Its a bit long, or else I would have added NTBSWD which stands for Not To Be Shared With Dana....that bitch ordered her own set at brunch yesterday and totally messed up my sunday flow.

I am going to see NOFX this Wednesday. Why? Because the kids who go to NOFX shows dont give a flying rats ass about what kick ass after party is going on after and where ultragirrrl and the dude from LCD soundsystem are playing after. And they dont stand around with their arms folded looking around to see if the Last Nights Party guy with the bad weave is around to take their pic looking sultry and "over it"....nope. NOFX fans gear up with liberty spikes and green kool aid hair and totally lose their shit at shows. Its so much fun.


New York Is Too Cool.


We hate TPM

Christian thinks he has a pill stuck in his throat. He says it's been there since last night. I said that it def would have dissolved by now.

The weather in California is cloudy and rainy, with a chance of thunderstorms. There is a high wind advisory for Northern California and stream and street flooding warning. You can never be over prepared.

Everyone should watch Lost. k?

Friday, February 17, 2006


And totes probs maybs hasnt got shit on us.

stay tuned. the official relaunch is coming in honor of President's day.