Tuesday, October 25, 2005

...down, down in an earlier round...

everyone should have a fall out boy listening party at some point in their lives. i suggest it happen sooner than later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

check yourself bitch

so there's an old disney movie called chitty chitty bang bang. has anyone seen it? heard of it? well, here's a story:

so lately i've noticed that dru is really funny (like, so funny the laughter hurts. hard to believe, yes, but true) on email and i ask her, i sezzs, "dru? why aren't you as funny in real life as you are on the email?" and she sezzs, she sezzs, "i no know."

cut to yesterday. our email convo proceeded as follows:

me: dru, do you want to have a chili cook off tonight? at the house? chili cook off + episodes of friends + vodka = gt's for all.
dru: not tonight. let's do it thursday. i'm having dinner with high school people tonight. i haven't seen them since 1995. they're all guys.
me: oh. that's weird. is it going to be a gang bang?
dru: yeah. i love gang bangs. and i love chili. CHILI CHILI GANG BANG!!!

i almost shit myself. bye.