Friday, June 25, 2004

I LOVE all things ghetto

whistlin' while rollin' on dubs Please also help support Bubb Rubb here

Ya'll gonna make him steal a car...Up in Heeya Up in Heeya!

On DMX's latest album, there is a song called "Rob All Night (If I'm gonna Rob)"

Looks like he decided to.

How fucking embarrassing? DMX, gangsta-pop rapper and b-movie actor, got arrested last night for attempting to steal a car at JFK airport Now i know he doesnt have as much money as he used to portray in his videos. Like im sure he pours Moet over his bitches instead of Cristal. But come on D, why the fuck are you stealing things? At airport parking lots! This is not hip hop.This is embarassing and ghetto

Jump right in.

So much for the "Welcome to our blog" part. Jefferson just jumped right on in. But then again, at this point, the only people reading this are us and beaver. Hi Beaver.
Last night Lucy came back from Nantucket. Beaver, Lucy and I went to some australian bar to drink and smoke menthol cigarettes. Then Lucy got a phone call. Apparently, it was an open invite to the twilight zone, but Beaver and I werent informed. Cut to: small apartment, lots of stuff in my face, a southerner guy who wouldnt shut the fuck up after he blew a LOT of cocaine. If anyone is interested, this face raper is having a "killer party in the sickest space in NYC" this saturday. Complete with Margarita Machines with valume and Zanex crushed into them. Gross. He gave me all the rules and regulations on entering and bringing friends....for what felt like a fucking hour (on fire)...
We saw Natalie Portman getting ice cream on the way back to our apartment. Ive never wanted to be an ice cream cone so badly in my life.
Tonight im going to see Incubizzy. I hope its not yet another show where I feel old. Im sick of that. Ive totes become the creepy dude walking around with a beer, checking out the girls only to look up and realize they are like 17 and still holding their dad's hands.
They are 16.

Oh yeah, and welcome to LOLing on the BRB. A place for me and jefferson to feel special.

Stop. Collaborate and listen fuckers...

i'm a bit hungs to the over right now (thanks bessie...slut) but i need to mention a little somethin' somethin'. Pepsi Smash. on the WB. a great show that i only recently discovered. bands/groups/rappers/singers/songwriters play/perform/rap/sing for a crowd of well-groomed, short skirted, screaming girls and tcfs boys. and last night it was confirmed that yellowcard is a good time. christian has been saying this for quite sometime and it has been confirmed. p.s. other shows that sould not be missed on the WB: summerland, everwood (new season soon), high school reunion (new season soon), and numerous ridic movies throughout the week.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

anyone for some Nickleback?

lezz get this partaay started

testes. testes

jeff is tall.

I'm in

so i don't really have much to say just yet. i need to settle into my bloggerness. jesus, give me a fucking chance. calm the fuck down.